Your old AC unit may be struggling along, but the older it gets, especially here in Orlando Florida with our near constant extreme heat, the less it has to offer compared to what a new unit can do for your home and family. We may be experiencing the few fleeting cooler months we get here in Orlando, but the air conditioning industry has not stood still since you installed your unit, so it may be time for you to take a look at what the market has to offer today.
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Here are some reasons to replace your outdoor AC unit with an updated more efficient version

Modern Features

Like dishwashers, air conditioning units have improved immensely across the board over the past decade. Not only do newer units come with additional features, such as compatibility with smart thermostats, but their basic functions are much more efficient.

You can buy a modern unit that’s much quieter than a decade-old one, for example. You can also find units that use much less electricity because of efficiency boosters, such as variable-speed compressors.

Not only is less electricity use better for the environment, but it’s better for your wallet. The savings can be significant.

Reliability and Repairs

An older unit is more likely to need repairs. This circumstance is especially the case if your unit is approaching (or past) the average lifespan for that unit. Fan problems, coolant leaks, electrical problems, frozen coils, worn-out condensers, and other components are common with these older units.

Some repairs are relatively simple and easy, whereas others may cost more than another year of function is worth. But any moderate-to-serious breakdown can cost you comfort, humidity control, and other benefits of an AC system. In the summertime, especially if you have vulnerable people in your household (such as seniors), an unreliable AC can be a health hazard.

Environmental and Legal Concerns

If you have an older AC unit, it likely has the older R-22 refrigerant in it. Units designed to run with this refrigerant will not work properly if you put a different type in. However, R-22 is quite bad for the environment. Concerns for the ozone layer caused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to start phasing it out. Nowadays, it’s only legal in the U.S. to create and sell units that use newer refrigerants.

The older R-22 refrigerant is still in the process of being phased out, and the end of 2019 is the last time R-22 will be legally manufactured in or imported into the U.S. The long gap before these units becomes illegal is designed to allow everyone to phase out their older units. You can retrofit your old unit to accept newer refrigerant, but it’s likely more cost-effective to replace it.

Even though you can technically still buy R-22, it’s still inadvisable to refill your unit with this refrigerant. Often, the coolant is running low because some has escaped into the atmosphere, where it can damage the ozone layer. When you put more coolant in, it can eventually escape as well.

These reasons demonstrate how much value a newer AC unit can bring to your home versus what you’re getting right now from your aging unit. Hanging on to an older unit with the idea of saving money by not buying a new unit is a situation that isn’t backed up by the data and can cause a lot of headaches and result in high priced repairs when old components start to fail.

Whether you need AC repair, replacement, or installation, get in touch with us today to learn more about the services Sunshine Heating & Air Conditioning can offer you. We take pride in the quality of the AC services we offer to Orlando and Central Florida, so call our experts today for a free quote on a new system for your home or business.

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