Learn How A Check Up Is Very Different From An Expertly Performed Maintenance Service

Maintenance needs for residential and commercial ac systems in the heat of the Orlando Florida summer, do not stop just because we’re all dealing with the impacts of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, with so many Central Florida businesses tight on funds and others struggling just to survive, one of the first things cut are necessary maintenance of machinery.

It seems our team is asked on a daily basis exactly what is included in “maintenance”. It is also important to understand the difference between a “checkup” and true maintenance.

Let's start with the easy one, what is a “check-up”? This usually means that an unqualified or low qualified service person comes to your business and puts gauges on the machine to check refrigerant levels. It’s like the doctor taking your blood pressure. Next, they put a meter to test the energy consumption of each motor. This is like the doctor checking your pulse.

Lastly, they visually look for burnt or melted wires. Once again, this is like the doctor looking you over for rashes or such. No matter how great someone makes this sound, it is a waste of money. Companies usually charge under $60 for this service in the hopes they can find a reason to sell you something that you may or may not need. This process takes 20-30 minutes.
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Maintenance Is a Different Ball Game Altogether

THIS PROCESS REQUIRES A TRUE MECHANIC and takes 1.5 – 2 hours per unit to complete.

Cost is usually less than $95.The unit is totally disassembled to the point that all parts and areas are accessible for cleaning. YOU NEED WATER! Hoses must be run to the unit so that everything can get washed and sanitized.

Once EVERYTHING is cleaned and sanitized, inside and out, the unit is reassembled and THEN a test series begins. Each and every component is tested to insure they are working within tolerance. This term is used to find current problems but more importantly tells us of potential problems that will affect the equipment. This gives us the chance to make adjustments on the machine that can prevent a breakdown in the future.


  • No unit should need refrigerant (GAS) added
  • Filters usually remove less than 10% of the dust in the air
  • Bacteria grows in every air conditioner
  • Loose wiring is responsible for 34% of all breakdowns
  • Water leaks are responsible for 51% of all service calls
  • Proper maintenance saves up to 20% on energy usage

  • Knowing that approximately 85% of all breakdowns may have been prevented by having proper maintenance, and the money saved on the electric bill basically pays for the maintenance, why is it the first thing cut…
    In closing, use YOUR business sense

    If I charged you $60 or less to have a mechanic work for you for 2 hours, how could we make money? The mechanic makes $25 per hour, times 2 hours, his pay would be $50. How much does it REALLY cost to pay a person $50 with all the taxes we have to pay? Would you run a business like that?

    True, we do not make a lot of money on maintenance, but it does keep our people busy all year around when times get slow.

    Even then, we must make money. We have placed our maintenance at a fair price, and it doesn’t change when we get busy like most companies. They raise their prices based on demand.

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